Rutilated Quartz Tumblestone

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Rutilated Quartz Tumblestone

Approx size 20 - 30mm

What is Rutilated Quartz?

Rutilated Quartz intensifies the power of the quartz crystal. In addition, it affects both the etheric and astral bodies. It assists one in getting to the root of a problem and, hence, provides access to the reason for a dis-ease or discomfort, so that one can remedy the situation. During astral travel, Rutilated quartz provides for insight into the reasons for visiting the locations and viewing the scenes; it stimulates an awareness of the connections between this physical life and the situations viewed.

A type of Rutilated quartz, which does not appear to be Rutilated, is asterated quartz; asterated quartz exhibits the pattern of a star like luminous figure on the surface of the stone, during conditions of transmitted light. Asterated quartz occurs in the natural clear/silky/cloudy "white" quartz, as well as in rose quartz, and other varieties of quartz.

In addition, occasionally there is curved rutile within the quartz structure. This further assists one in flowing with changes and with accepting alterations, adjustments, and insights to further these modifications.

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