Dandelion Clock Resin Paper Weight

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Dandelion Clock Resin Paper Weight

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This beautiful example of a Dandelion Clock Set in Resin to create a paperweight, this one has a green backing to show the dandelion off.

We hand pick all our own Dandelions and then dry them,

A dandelion clock set in resin is a beautiful and unique decorative piece that captures the delicate beauty of a dandelion in a long-lasting and preserved way. To create this piece, the dandelion clock (the fluffy white sphere on top of a dandelion stem) is carefully picked and dried. Then, it is placed in a mould with clear resin poured over it, which hardens to create a clear, glass-like encasement around the dandelion.

The process of setting a dandelion clock in resin requires some skill and care to ensure that the dandelion is properly preserved and the resin sets properly. It is important to make sure that the dandelion is completely dry before placing it in the resin, as any moisture can cause the resin to cloud or bubble. Additionally, the resin must be mixed and poured carefully to avoid trapping air bubbles or other imperfections.

Once the dandelion clock is set in resin, it can be used as a paperweight, a decorative object, or even as part of jewellery or other craft projects. It is a lovely way to preserve a fleeting moment of natural beauty and bring it into your home or life in a meaningful way.

Product CodeDANC48EX94
ManufacturerHand Crafted by Mystics
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