Jadeite & Charoite Stretchy Bracelet

Jadeite & Charoite Stretchy Bracelet

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This stunning Jadeite & Charoite Stretchy Bracelet

One size fits all.

We only use genuine gemstones in our bracelets unless stated.

What is Jadeite?

Jadeite is a form of jade which crystallizes in the form of grains, masses, and rare small elongated prismatic crystals. The colour range includes translucent,emerald green (imperial jade),shades of green (from pale to deep),mauve, lavender, white, brown, red, orange, yellow, grey, black, blue-green to green with white or light green traceries, pastel green, with slight bluish cast and interlaced with pure white veins, and white with delicate green veining.
It can be used to induce the cohesiveness of groups, allowing for understanding between the members and facilitating cohesiveness in the recognition and actualization of purpose.
Jadeite can bring forth the abilities to unite and to improve dysfunctional relationships. The emerald green variety is recommended for these tasks.
Jadeite acts as rather a"stitching" agent and assists both the cellular and skeletal structures to rebind themselves. It also assists in the removal of pain (e.g. ,in the sides, hips, legs, etc.)associated with "stitching" and helps stitches to bind and to heal properly.
It can be used in the treatment of disorders of the reproductive organs ( primarily male). It has been used to diminish and to prevent recurrence of cramps and " charlie horses", promoting stabilization of the muscular arrangement and smoothing of the tissues.

What is Charoite?

Gemstones like charoite, particularly purple gems are innately spiritual healing stones. 

Given its symbolism of insight and intuition, it’s unsurprising that charoite is a powerful chakra stone for opening the third eye chakra — the centre of intuition, decision-making, and spiritual wisdom. Charoite also opens the highest centre for spirituality: the crown chakra!

Some people have great instincts about people, but not everyone is so lucky. If you find yourself missing red flags or wishing you were more perceptive, charoite could help. It’s said to give you clearer and stronger intuition. With that, you can recognize shady patterns to avoid tricksters and getting bamboozled. 

Plus, according to psychological research, relying on intuition can increase your creativity, strengthen your decision-making, and help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. 

Likewise, other benefits attributed to charoite include improving self-esteem and self-awareness. The stone is said to encourage forgiveness, especially toward yourself. If you’ve made a mistake, charoite can help you accept responsibility and move forward with new insight.

If you’re worried about making mistakes while buying charoite, read on to find out all the important factors in charoite’s value!



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